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WallstarThursday 24th May 2012 – Service Carried out a really thorough service on an external oil boiler in Debenham today, it did need it and for once it was not because it had not been serviced for years! And what a cracking day to service an external oil boiler, sun, sun, sun. Makes a change from rain, rain and cold. Took a nice drive through Ashbocking and Helmingham on the way to Debenham, a little sun makes everything look and feel better. Although this ‘drought’ and ‘hosepipe ban’ is a bit of a laugh, much more of this ‘drought’ and I will have to buy a boat! Debenham was nice, quiet and warm in the ‘summer’ sun. Got stuck into the service which was a little more of a job than the norm. Seems that I was following a ’20 minute’ ‘full’ service company, anyway 2 1/2hrs later everything was cleaned, set-up and running sweet. The customer was very pleased and commented on how thorough I was and that she had never seen anyone remove the combustion chamber baffles, strip and clean the burner or service the oil tank valve/filter which was so full of debris it was nearly the worst filter I had ever seen – the picture below is the worst filter I have ever seen, can you beat that, I am really surprised that any oil could get through it!
dirtyAnyway, paperwork completed, tools cleaned and packed back onto the van. Next job is a breakdown in Barham, description is an intermittent burner lock-out. Arrived on time and very thankful that the van has air conditioning, phew a bit of a scorcher. This time it was an elderly internal wall hung boiler, of course it started and ran first time for me. Various tests later all I could find was that the photocell was a little sooty, that was cleaned. Other possible problem was that the fuel pump was noisy, I decided to check the flue emissions, so out with the smoke gun and FGA (flue gas analyser) to check, all within range so I can rule that out as a possible problem.
One cup of tea later and a chat with the owner about the way forward for this elderly boiler and it was decided not to throw any more money at it and to have a nice new shiny oil condensing boiler fitted. New installThis is the ideal time to choose to have a new boiler fitted as, fingers crossed we are getting into the summer and the warmer weather. So paperwork completed, tools tidied and packed away and I am off back home for a late lunch, but only after a really good shower to get rid of all the muck and soot that I have picked up from today’s jobs. And this was just the mornings work, life as a ‘boiler man’ is never dull, you never know what you have to do from one day to the next.
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