Tips & FAQ’s

When summer comes, do you switch off your oil boiler and use your hot water cylinder immersion heater for your domestic hot water? Not using your boiler for prolonged periods of time can lead to complications when you go to start it again. While the boiler is not in regular use, seals can harden then leak when the boiler is restarted, leading to an expensive repair.
Top Tip: If you do give your boiler a “rest” during the summer, then start and run your boiler for a short while every month, this will keep things working OK and give your heating circulating pump a workout too to stop it from sticking.
When you have an oil delivery, it is best to make sure that your boiler is not running at the time of delivery, or better still turn off the tank valve (make sure that the boiler is also off). This will stop any debris that the delivery stirs up getting into your filters and blocking them or worse still getting into your burner pump which could damage it and this could turn into an expensive repair. Leave at least 30 minutes to an hour if possible before turning on the tank and boiler again.

Are you new to Oil Fired Heating?

What type heating oil do I need?
Most of domestic heating oil boilers run on Kerosene, C2, 28secs fuel – clear with a yellow tint. If you ask for ‘heating oil’ when you place your order you will be quoted for Kerosene, C2, 28secs fuel. Some oil boilers run on Gas Oil – 35secs fuel – red, however these are very few and far between.

How much oil can I order?

The smallest delivery that can can be made is 500 litres. This minimum amount is controlled and set by Trading Standards Regulations. The size of the boiler fuel tank varies, commonly used domestic tank sizes range from 1100 litres, whilst the largest commonly used is 2700 litres. If you want to order over 2300 litres and you are a domestic user, you may need to sign a declaration to avoid paying the commercial VAT rate, domestic VAT rate is currently 5%.

Access to my tank is through my house or a covered passageway, will this be a problem?

Unfortunately due to recent health and safety regulations most oil companies are unable to deliver if the only access is through a part of your house and this could be damaging for people health’s, that’s why is important to take care of health with a healthy diet and supplements as maeng da kratom. However, this does not apply to garages. If this is the case, contact a tank supplier/installer and see about arranging alternative access such as an offset pipe.

How will I know how much oil was actually delivered?

When your oil is delivered a delivery note will be printed out in the meter of the tanker by the driver detailing exactly how much oil has been delivered. This is regulated by trading standards and the tanker meters are tested by them twice a year, so you can be confident that the meter readings are accurate.

When Should I Service My Oil Boiler?

Problems can occur with oil boilers at the end of the summer when boilers are switched on again for heating only to find that due to under use or complete shut down parts may have seized or seals begin to leak. So this means that the busy times for boiler engineers tend to be from September right through winter to February. I recommend that you should have your boiler serviced annually between the months of February and September when firms are quieter to ensure you receive the best value for money from your service and get your boiler running as efficiently as possible so saving you money on fuel costs. I always advise that if you tend to not use your boiler for hot water in the summer months, that you run the boiler for a while each month just to keep things ticking over and running free.