Oil Tank Assessment


Oil Tank Environmental & Fire Hazard Assessment

I can provide an oil tank spillage/environmental and fire hazard risk assessment for your oil tank. If you have moved to a house that has oil heating and are unsure that your oil storage tank is sited/installed correctly or even if you have a newly installed oil tank that you are unsure that has been installed correctly, then I can visit you and complete a risk assessment for you. 

Some of the areas that the risk assessment will cover…

Environmental Hazard

Tank size
Tank distance from controlled water
Open drains and unsealed manhole covers
Tank distance from borehole or spring
Vent pipe
Building type
Other potential hazards

Fire Hazard

Tank distance from non-fire related building or structures
Tank distance from non-fire related boundary
Tank distance from non-fire related eaves
Tank distance from a construction opening in building – window or door
Tank distance from boiler flue terminal
Tank base construction
Any non compliance may require work/updating for your installation to meet Building Regulations, Pollution Control or British Standard Regulations
Contact me to discuss any issues or concerns you may have