Oil Boiler Service

Some of the boilers we service

Have you ever…

Waited in all day, for your engineer not to turn up?
Had the engineer arrive late without informing you?
Booked a service to be carried out in your absence, then told it had been done when it had not?
Had an engineer take 20 minutes to do a ‘full’ service?
Then don’t worry, this is the reason I started SP Boiler Services after seeing the
frustrations of the customers I used to deliver fuel to.

Domestic Oil Fired Boilers

Servicing – Annual boiler service or repair to the current regulations and highest standards.
Repairs – Only quality boiler replacement parts used, ensuring boiler life and service.
Call Outs – Need help out of normal hours? Call me, if I am available I will attend.
Reasonable out of hours call-out rates
Spare Parts – I can also supply spare parts for your boiler, contact me for details.

What does a service entail?

Your service will include…

Visual inspection of your fuel tank and supports, gauge, vent/fill point, fuel lines, test for water in fuel tank.
Risk Assessment for Environmental Hazard and Fire Hazard (new customers, first visit only).
Check/clean or replace fuel tank filter element and inline filter if fitted.
Check operation and lubricate tank isolation valve.
Visual inspection of all electrical connections, cables, bonding and switched/fused spur for correct fuse.
Visual inspection of water system pipes/fittings for leaks – within and near boiler casing.
Test remote acting fire valve if fitted/accessable with electronic tester.
Check operation of Pressure Relief Valve and check/top up pressure vessel dry side
and refill system/adjust pressure – (sealed systems).
Check flue for leaks, reseal if necessary, check/clean airways.
Remove/clean primary heat exchanger baffles, clean primary heat exchanger,
remove and clean secondary heat exchanger baffles and clean secondary heat exchanger
(condensing models), inspect service door seal(s) and reassemble.
Check condensate disposal pipework and clean trap where possible (condensing boilers).
Remove burner, strip down and clean.
Visual check and clean electrodes, blast tube, fan, photocell, check pump/motor coupling free play.
Fit new nozzle, check  fuel flexi hose, replace if needed, adjust/refit electrodes, blast tube, reassemble burner.
Refit burner, run and check/adjust pump pressure, test photocell for correct lock-out function.
Take flue gas sample with smoke gun; adjust air if necessary to get correct clean result.
Use Flue Gas Analyser and adjust air to get correct readings.
Check correct operation of control stat, double check burner is running correctly and there are no leaks.
Refit/clean boiler casing, fill out service report and advise customer if any remedial work required.
I will use dust sheets to protect your flooring when working on an appliance situated indoors,
and will leave the area/boiler casings clean and tidy.

This list is not comprehensive and also depends on the type of boiler serviced

Please do bear in mind that if your boiler is an external model, if it is raining at the time of your service, then I will not be able to carry this out. Instead we will have to rearrange the service to another hopefully dry day/time.